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Eddy’s In Town

According to Seattle Times, Miska of Bellevue is King County Feline Public Enemy Number-One. Well move over, Miska—Eddy’s in town! In her 10-year career Miska has accrued the longest rap sheet of any cat in King County, but newcomer Eddy of Kirkland is on track to obscure her record. In only one short week of outdoor life, (his first) he has committed the following violations:

1. Criminal trespass: Sitting on the neighbor’s patio with an evil grin on his face, menacing her poor little kitty through the glass door.

2. Reckless endangerment: Going across the busy street.

3. Drug violation: Smoking dope with the criminal element across the street. (We’re sure of this!)

4. Torture: Bringing baby rat in house, menacing it and finally letting it go outside. (The torture was to the observers.)

5. Vicious Animal at Large: resulting in..

6. Murder: Helpless baby bunny.

Indoor violations include:

7. Attitude of overweening entitlement: Thinks he’s a king.

8. Supreme ingratitude: No thanks for all the tuna juice I put in his dish.

9. Leaping onto the dining room table and snatching the unfinished salmon left by unsuspecting diner going to bathroom mid-meal. (Perhaps the worst violations of all!)

To date, Eddy has no felony arraignments but is currently under house arrest. However, occasionally with the warmer weather, doors will be left open by accident. Opportunist that he is, Eddy will doubtless avail himself of this chance to continue his nefarious activities. Watch for further developments.

Here is the way we cooked the lamented salmon. The one of us who didn’t go to the bathroom in the middle of the meal enjoyed it immensely.


3 or 4 oz. salmon filet per person

1 tsp per serving of Tom Douglas Rub With Love salmon rub (we get it at Bartells on sale. You can get it at Amazon).

Olive oil or oil spray

Line a cooking sheet with foil and either spray or coat with oil. Spray Salmon lightly or coat with oil. Rub the salmon oil all over it. Bake in a 350 oven for about 15 minutes. Stick a thermometer in the thickest part of the fish. It’s done when it’s about 135-140 degrees. Don’t overcook it. We often serve it with Ivor’s tartar sauce but it’s pretty good even without it.

If you have a bad cat and must go to the bathroom mid-meal, stick your dish in the still warm oven. Or save yourself the trouble and go to the bathroom before supper. Be sure to wash your hands!

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